Sunday, March 20, 2011

the email to a japanese penpal :)

Aaah~~~at last,he finally replied..(so busy, ne?)
or terperangkap dalam runtuhan gempa kah???? hope not..;o

--- On Sat, 3/19/11, Tenjiku Jin wrote:---

From: Tenjiku Jin
Subject: Taihen
To: "zahidah masri"
Date: Saturday, March 19, 2011, 5:52 PM


Pray for the ppl of Japan... They r so much in Pain right now.
Even when they r enduring the damage... we should stand by our fellow human beings.

I pray we all stay safe and sound. Insha-Allah.


he usually wrote longer,but i bet he's quite busy now..
so i typed back:) *eagerly and happily with a wide beaming smile plastered on my face,as this was his latest email in the past one month !
aish~~~wakatta-ne..,..~~am i missing him..??ahaha~~~

dear Jin-san,
Re: finally hears back from you :)~~~

Dearest Jin,

Thanks for the reply=)
It was so nice of you for writing..

Just to refresh back my memory,u're in India right?or in Japan?
I'm so confused today.I'm in a mess.:'((
Today i'm a bit not in the proper order as i am postcall and was soo tired and feel like i'm going mad).. :'((((9
Soo much patients to attend to at my Casualty last night.It was a living hell..:(((
Blame the full moon :'( *sigh*

Although japan is such a foreign country for me,I'm nonetheless heavily affected by it,emotionally and spiritually.
I've grew up with japan:the language,the people,the food,the dramas, the songs and the culture.

Having a great-great-great obaa-san that was born in Kobe,japan,that i never had the chance to met,yet i feel so proud of :)
Me as a kid,growing up watching Doraemon every saturday at 7pm just before my dinner:)
Reading Death Note manga after my tiring anatomy class..
watching Naruto series with my girl friends after lecture(and competing to be Sasuke's girlfriend just because he's waay soo cool ..:p BWAHAHA)
Eating maki-sushi (one of the heaven food-on earth) at my fav sushi corner in front of my hospital after work :)
and having a penpal like you...=)

Life's like that..
Suddenly it,..........changes...

I'm praying that may God grant their prayers,..
protect them from further harm and heartbreaks,
and cure their bruises,cuts,ailments and sadness
and replace their entirely broken lives with something even better,...


Jin,u said InshaAllah..(???)
I'm shocked and confused ,....u're a Muslim,ne???:)

p/s: you're getting more mysterious by days,...
hmm.....that's interesting;)
;) *wink-wink*
(hazukashiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!~~~~~*blushing ahaha~~*)

That's all for now.I've actually cut my fingers so it pretty hurts to type any longer...:'(
Gotta go.
Take care,dear Jin-san..:)
p/s: send my warmest regards and hugs to Oumu-sensei..:)~~~

(end of email)

it's good to have somebody to share ideas,stories and feelings with=)
No strings attached =)
it might sound as an old,classic,seventies way of communicating,
but hey it works :)~~~and hey i love it!~~:)

p/s; Oumu-sensei is his parrot;)

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