Monday, February 20, 2012

Lots of love, ZM

Hi,saya Zy Masri 

1.i am blessed with such a simple name 
*hugs and thanks to mommy and daddy
sbb bagi saya nama yg simple, easy  
dan bermakna yg baik dan dirahmati :)*

2. 5 nov 1984 is hari roh ditiup ke dunia dan jasad menghuni alam rahim ibu saya

maka automatis (masih) berumur 27 (tapi sering silap diingat budak U 
but all gratis and thaanks
to the genes and braces and converse  and my super strong inner childhood^^)

3.i love books:).good books cure all illnesses:).
i would really love to spend a day

lying down on the grass with a great book,
doing nothing but immersing myself in the pages 

3.i read newspapers backwards.
it's a habit i simply grow up with.

4. saya berdarah A+ve

5. Juga adalah minah sentimental-tak-boleh-blah..

pernahtak anda tgh drive,and tb2 anda nampak sekepul awan di kejauhan yg sgt2 omg sgt cantik and anda tb2 rasa berdebar2 jatung berdegup laju sbb sgt excited mcm ternampak org hensem (okay this feels /sounds so wrong haha)


and a few minutes later you found yourself parking your car lampu emergency kelip2 at the road tepi highway and began snapping/photographing the clouds ????
*sorry tapi sy mmg pencinta fotografi yg tegar juga haha*

7.saya juga adalah pencinta kanak kanak paling tegar;)

p/s: you know why i love paeds (and kids) so much?

why i have this mad obsession on counting cloxa dose,eye-flirting with kids, randomly take a child and hug them, guessing a newborns name/gender/apgar score,pujuk budak menangis,peluk anak orang and gendong bawak jalan2 satu ward sedangkan discharge summary/mortality report i melambak2 kat kaunter belum buat lagi yada yada etc?

Becoz treating kids, and making them happy and healthy

= is the most satisfying job of all:)

yeah i'm neither a specialist nor that i'm that good at setting IJC on a child (coz i never had a chance yet)

but at the end of the day,after so much painstakingly painful history taking.fluid calculations (thank God i still had a chance to practice and put into use of algebra in my daily life-sort of), and after all kinds of social history,developmental milestones dwelves,jabs,pills,antibiotics and cultures, tube feeds,daily weighings,consultations-on-phone, negotiating (and quarelling) about the dosage with the pharmacist
the undaunting job of doing the soft,sweet talk explainatory thingy to the parents at 3am (when u're either so weak,sleepy,terribly angry,hungry (or constipated) and devastated (or all in one),

at the end of the day,

all that counts is ....

the continuous heart shaped light beeping on the monitor :)

the flickiring eyelashes when u softly and briskly touch her/his small hands

and the feeling that u had indeed,done something right and correct for that innocent soul.


*mmg bukan aku yg selamatkan nyawa itu,
tapi aku cuma seorang wakil
yg menjalankan amanat Tuhandan aku akan cuba untuk menjadi penyampai amanat yg terbaik
utk sesuatu yg amat-amat aku cintai :')

walau sama sekali
ia bukan milik aku*


i always wonderwhen the day comesfor me
to cuddle my adam/zaara in my arms (adam / zaara is what their name will be ^^)
andto kiss her/his forehead softly
to tuck their hair behind their ears
to wipe off that chocolate muffin smear from their mouth corner


to call him/her my very own:)
and to hear them call me "ibu/mama/mommy" :)))))))

i wonder:) *and smiled up all the way to my ears and reaching my occipital region of skull*:))

i wonder
how i would prepare their 1st nestum
how would i call out to them to get back inside home when it starts to rain
how i would dress them on their 1st day at school
how i would fix their bicycles/tricycleshow i would bent down and tie up his shoelaces/straightened her frilly socks
how i would tuck them on bed and whisper goodnight on their small ears

*my bad is that i have too much imaginations/imagining too much and too far ahead i guess ~~~ my bad haha*


hey,please all of you reading this please pray together with me
that may I get transferred as sooooon as posssible back to Paeds Department in this Serdang Hospital..:)

it's not that i hate ED (my current department) or what (well,agak takde life jugaklaaa keja kat department yg kerja 6 hari seminggu ni kan ha ha ha *gelak sedih*)

but i just simply had tooooo much love ,passion (and mommy mommy kinda imagination) to treat kids so that in turn i would be a happy being:)

so that the best place to put orang2 bersemangat keibuan tinggi mcm i ni is , semistinya sewajibnya mistilah Department of Paediatrics kan ??? :)))) +++++ :))))


*p/s: sbb doa beramai2 lagi makbul hihii ^^*

ekstra:one of gamba time i berhenti tepi highway lampu kete kelip2 just sbb nak snap gamba awan awesome ;)

Lots of Love, Zahidah Masri :) XXXXXXOOOOO

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aku si pengembara said...

one day you will be a great mother, good wife & ya amen! ^^

p/s: sy penat btol hari ni